Aircraft Maintenance

Our Aircraft Maintenance is based in our CAA approved Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering hangar facility at Cranfield Airport (EGCT), with access to ample maintenance capacity, capable of housing wide-bodied and light aircraft makes us a prime location.

Situated alongside Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, Cranfield Airport was originally a WW2 aerodrome and open 0800 – 1830 Monday to Friday with no noise restrictions.

It has one runway 1,799M (03/21) Approach Radar service, allowing open skies access. Having access to secure aircraft parking with 24-hour CCTV monitoring, we are ideally placed to meet operators’ and lessor’s maintenance requirements.


Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Limited (CAeS) is a CAA Part 145 Approved Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facility.

A2 Rating

C Rating

Held under approval UK.145.00377

UK Civil Aviation Authority
Aircraft Maintenance Cranfield Aerospace

Our Expertise

Our team of experts is focused on project management, ensuring aircraft are returned to service on schedule with engineering expertise underpinning the work. In addition, we are one of the leading providers of ‘Flexible Price’ maintenance checks and have built long-term relationships based on integrity and trust. By bringing new commercial opportunities as well as innovative thinking, we deliver value to our customers and enhance our shared values.

Specialist staff, facilities and equipment supporting line,
base maintenance and modification installation for:

  • Diamond DA 40/42 Series
  • Piper Single and Twin Piston Engine Series
  • Cessna Single and Twin Piston Engine Series
  • Britten-Norman BN2A/BN2B Series
Aircraft Maintenance Cranfield Aerospace

CAeS is a Diamond and Continental Authorized Service Centre

Diamond Service Centre Logo
Continental Aerospace

Diamond Aircraft Service Centre​

The Diamond Aircraft support network includes Cranfield Aerospace as an authorised Diamond Service Centre.

Founded by accomplished pilot and entrepreneur Christian Dries, Diamond Aircraft is today one of general aviation’s most innovative and diverse fleets.

Diamond aircraft are maintained and repaired by Cranfield Aerospace MRO, which is a Diamond Service Center. As a full-service maintenance provider, we are capable of covering every aspect of aircraft maintenance.

Our Diamond Service Centre offers the following services:

Experienced technicians

Live and current service literature

Spares and warranty support

Aircraft Mainetance from Cranfield Aerospace
Photo Credit/Link: Diamond Authorised Service Centre

As an Authorised Service Center for Lycoming, Continental, Austro engines, and an experienced Garmin installer, we also provide engine services.


+44 (0)7818 336340


Aircraft Surveys

You should ensure that aircraft components and maintenance history are compliant with current regulations before purchasing an aircraft. We can help you ensure your aircraft is in compliance with the most recent regulations if you need assurance.

As specialists in aircraft surveys, we are here to help. In addition to our expert surveyors, we also have engineers with experience in the maintenance and airworthiness fields, as well as quality engineers with management experience. 

Surveys of aircraft include:

A physical examination of your aircraft is carried out by us, ensuring compliance with EASA Part 21, Part M, and Part 145 requirements, including inspection of faults, repairs, modifications, component changes, and overhaul records. In addition, your aircraft is evaluated for its general condition.

The aircraft records are reviewed thoroughly, and all Airworthiness Directives are verified. Logbooks are compared with component fitment and removal, and all necessary legal documentation is verified.

The above are only some of the checks an aircraft must pass before it can be flown. In addition to spending large sums of money on your aircraft, you must know whether you will have to spend significant amounts of money on bringing it up to legal, safe, and airworthy standards.

If you operate an existing aircraft, you may need to know its general state. How well is your aircraft being maintained by your maintenance organization? To satisfy you, we can conduct audits, surveys, and inspections to ensure that the maintenance and Continued Airworthiness Management is executed correctly.

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