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Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) is a market leader in the development of zero emissions aircraft products. We are a CAA-approved design, production and maintenance organisation and have the in-house capability for whole aircraft concept design.

We are Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

For the past 30 years we have been designing & certifying complex modifications to aircraft and delivering cutting-edge products and development solutions for the world’s largest aerospace OEMs.

We are now using our regulatory approvals and whole aircraft concept design capabilities to help change the world of aviation.

Our ultimate ambition is to be a designer & manufacturer of zero & low carbon aircraft, starting with the conversion of a conventional 9-seat Britten Norman Islander to zero-emissions, hydrogen-electric propulsion.

Developing the world's first zero emissions, regulatory certified, commercially viable, hydrogen aircraft.


  • CAA aircraft modification design organisation
  • CAA production organisation
  • CAA aircraft maintenance & repair organisation


  • Over 25 years industry experience
  • Trusted by world-renowned aerospace OEM’s
  • Delivered complex aircraft modification projects


  • Identifying the challenges of new technology integration
  • Implementing market leading solutions
  • Enabling zero-emissions flight

CAes Timeline


CAeS’ roots date back to the establishment of the Cranfield College of Aeronautics


Cranfield Aerospace Limited is established as a separate entity to Cranfield University delivering complex project work for global OEMs and other organisations


The company is rebranded as Cranfield Aerospace Solutions


CAeS receive a £9m grant from the UK Government through the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) programme


Phase 1: ‘Project Fresson’ – the conversion of a conventional Britten-Norman Islander to hydrogen-propulsion is underway


£14.4m raised from Series A investment round including Saffran, Motus Ventures, HydrogenOne Capital and the Tawazun Strategic Development Fund (SDF)


Letters of Intent (LOIs) signed for over 80 hydrogen-powered aircraft


Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Britten-Norman sign Heads of Terms agreement to merge triggering up to £10M additional investment from current CAeS investors


Series B investment round begins


Supplementary Type Certificate approved by UK CAA


Phase 1 commercial aircraft entry into service

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Future zero-emissions aircraft designs



Conversion of existing airframes to liquid H2 for extra performance

10 – 19 Passengers

New hydrogen plane Designs - disruptive technologies


new Design

New aircraft design, optimised for zero emissions

20 – 50 Passengers

New hydrogen plane Designs - disruptive technologies

2035 +

New Design

New aircraft design, optimised for zero emissions

50 – 100 Passengers

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Other Activities

CAeS also operates an Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Facility and the design and manufacture of flight training and motorsport simulators with the aim of using these functions in the future to establish maintenance requirements for hydrogen-powered aircraft and scaling up our manufacturing capabilities to produce zero-emissions aircraft in the UK.

Aircraft Maintenance

Motorsport Simulator

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