Hydrogen aircraft technology overview – Cranfield Aerospace

Hydrogen aircraft Islander California

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions is converting a conventional Britten-Norman Islander aircraft to hydrogen propulsion (Project Fresson). The aircraft will demonstrate the viability of hydrogen aircraft technology as a solution to aviation’s sustainability challenges. The Hydrogen Islander Demonstrator Aircraft The demonstrator aircraft is set to begin a test flight programme in 2024, with the view to certifying […]

Chief Test Pilot for future hydrogen aircraft

Chief Test Pilot for Cranfield Aerospace Solutions' hydrogen aircraft

Project Fresson – the development of a hydrogen aircraft by converting an existing Britten-Norman Islander aircraft to that of gaseous hydrogen propulsion, is a project lead by Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, and forms the foundations of the company’s plans to produce new aircraft designs of up to 100 seats, optimized around zero-emissions technology. The Islander aircraft has a rigorous testing […]

The women making zero-emissions flight a reality

cranfield aerospace international women's day

To celebrate Women of Aviation Week, National Careers Week and International Women’s Day we are highlighting some of our exceptional female employees making zero-emissions flight a reality.

Exciting announcements dominate November for CAeS

Over the course of November, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) has announced a swathe of exciting news around its development of the world’s first fully certified, zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel-powered passenger aircraft. 3rd November: MONTE Aircraft Leasing signed a Letter of Intent with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions MONTE signed an LOI with CAeS to purchase 40 modification kits […]