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Cranfield Aerospace Solutions is developing scalable hydrogen fuel cell drive trains, adaptable to multiple airframes. With our technology, we aim to deliver the world’s first fully certified, truly green, passenger-carrying aircraft.

Why CAeS?

With CAeS’ 30+ years of experience in designing and certifying complex modifications to aircraft for global OEMS such as Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Thales, our hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain combined with our proven aircraft & systems integration capabilities will accelerate the world’s transition to zero-emissions flight.

CAeS is set apart from its competitors by having whole aircraft concept design capability, and UK CAA aircraft Design Organisation (DOA), Production Organisation (POA) approvals​ for Complex Aircraft Modifications and Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (MOA) approvals.

CAeS is located at Cranfield University/Airport with access to state-of-the-art aerospace R&D and testing facilities.

The Solution

Zero Emissions Solution

CAeS aim to accelerate the world’s transition to zero emissions solutions with a phased approach to technology introduction:


Exploit & Scale


How do we do that?

There are two significant challenges to integrating fuel cell technology in an aircraft:


Packaging to avoid excessive drag which significantly reduces performance & therefore commercial viability


Thermal management – fuel cells give off a lot of heat; efficient, low drag, thermal management technology is critical

Through collaboration & internal IP development, CAeS have solved both challenges, enabling us to adapt our technology to multiple platforms

Fresson hydrogen fuel cell technology
adapted hydrogen tech for cargo UAV

Commercial Viability

Visit our Hydrogen Aviation Solutions page to find out more about our hydrogen aircraft and disruptive technologies.

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