Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Stratus 9 set sights on the first zero-emissions fractional aircraft co-ownership programme in the United States

US fractional ownership company to acquire 15 hydrogen conversion units from cranfield aerospace solutions

Stratus 9 (S9), an innovator in private aviation and fractional ownership, today announced plans to acquire 10 (with options for up to 15) of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions’ (CAeS) hydrogen propulsion conversion kits for the B-N Islander aircraft. The deal, valued at over $20M, paves the way for the first zero-emissions fractional ownership programme in the United States.

Stratus 9 is simplifying co-ownership of airplanes, radically improving the efficiency and sustainable use of aircraft and transforming the way aircraft are purchased, financed, and owned.

“Part of our core vision at Stratus 9 is to fly clean. To do that, we need to decarbonize aviation in a way that is technically and economically viable, which is why we started by fractionalizing existing aircraft that are underutilized. This also makes private jet ownership more accessible; it just makes sense. True change demands bold moves. In addition to making existing ops more sustainable, we’re also investing in the future—scaling and advancing groundbreaking technologies like CAeS’s hydrogen fuel propulsion is key to achieving a cleaner, bluer sky,” said Zeeshan Moha, Co-CEO of Stratus 9.

Scheduled for commercial certification in 2026, the CAeS hydrogen-fuel cell propulsion system will be integrated into the Islander aircraft via a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), resulting in a zero-carbon emissions aircraft providing eco-friendly and efficient regional travel. S9 is positioned to become the primary launch partner in the US consumer market by 2027, and marks CAeS’ entry into the US market.

CAeS has already secured over 100 provisional orders from operators across the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and is set to achieve first flight of the technology later this year. The collaboration with S9 soars beyond aircraft procurement, with both companies collaborating closely on infrastructure development, training programs, and defining aircraft modeling specifications for entry and FAA certification in the US.

S9’s aspiration is to be the inaugural zero-emissions fractional ownership program in the US; under this partnership, clients of S9 can own or co-own one of the world’s first zero-emissions aircraft—the hydrogen-powered Islander—underscoring S9’s commitment to providing sustainable aviation solutions to the consumer market.

CAeS’ CEO Paul Hutton says: “Our collaboration with Stratus 9 is a testament to the global recognition of CAeS’s hydrogen-propulsion technology as a transformative force in the aviation industry. We are excited to welcome Stratus 9 as our first customer for the hydrogen-powered Islander in the US, marking a significant milestone in our pursuit of sustainable flight. Together, we aim to redefine aviation standards, not just in aircraft systems design but also in fostering a greener future. This partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that shape the next generation of aviation.

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About Cranfield Aerospace Solutions:

CAeS is a UK-based aviation pioneer which is developing world-leading hydrogen propulsion system technology for aircraft, with the aim to deliver the world’s first, zero-emissions passenger aircraft solution by 2026 with the conversion to the Britten Norman Islander. Through developing a modular architecture and proven integration capabilities, the company can adapt the technology for use on multiple platforms, driving the transition of the aviation industry to zero-emissions flight.

For more information contact Marketing & Comms Exec Annie Stone:

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About the Hydrogen-Powered Islander:

  • CAeS are currently converting a conventionally powered 9-seat Britten-Norman Islander to hydrogen-electric propulsion, and once certified will retrofit existing, and new Islanders with hydrogen-propulsion systems offering zero-emissions flight.
  • The converted Islander has an anticipated range of up to 400km plus reserve and a capacity of 6-8 passengers.
  • There is also expected to be up to 45% reduction in operating costs compared to a conventional Islander, and a decrease in noise levels due to lower motor speeds and changes to the propeller design.

About Stratus 9

Stratus 9 (S9) is a U.S. based air carrier and aircraft brokerage that offers innovative, on-demand air travel and co-ownership programs for private aviation with a focus on tax benefits and shared asset classes. S9 also streamlines backend operations for air carriers, simplifying the integration of client management, marketing, and compliance through technology. With a vision to fly cleaner, safer, and have more fun, S9 intends on trailblazing a path forward in aviation with smarter utilization, advanced technologies, and a holistic approach to net zero emissions that integrates manufacturing, training, operations, and infrastructure.

For more information about Stratus 9 contact CoFounder Pierre Badin:

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