Cranfield Aerospace welcomes ground-breaking UK technology innovator onboard Project Fresson

Hydrogen aircraft electric motor showcase

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) welcomes Evolito, a ground-breaking UK technology innovator onboard as the motor & inverter supplier for its hydrogen-powered aircraft demonstrator – Project Fresson.

Evolito join Reaction Engines and Ricardo as technology collaborators on Project Fresson, showcasing the UK innovation that is redefining the aviation industry.

Based in Oxfordshire, Evolito is the aerospace spin out of YASA – the world-leading pioneer of automotive axial-flux electric motors.

Producing the world’s most advanced electric propulsion system, Evolito’s motors are smaller, lighter, and typically 4 times more power dense than radial flux solutions, making them ideally suited to the emerging zero-emissions aviation markets.

Evolito’s axial-flux technology requires up to 75% less iron, less copper and fewer permanent magnets than competing radial solutions, making it lighter and more environmentally friendly.

For Project Fresson, Motor and Controller unit mass (or weight) is an important element in the overall mass of the hydrogen electric propulsion system, which must be minimised in order to maximise the payload and range that the zero-emissions aircraft can achieve.

The motor also produces efficiency benefits from its novel cooling systems, meaning the unit never overheats and can run on max performance at all times.

Director of Engineering, Rob Marsh, says:

“Evolito’s revolutionary motor isn’t just lighter and more efficient, it’s also an extremely compact solution that has allowed CAeS to integrate and package the technology efficiently, as part of the 240kW Fresson fuel-cell propulsion system that has been packaged within the Islander engine nacelle.”

Mukesh Patel, Chief Engineer at Evolito says: “It’s great to see our D1500 motors, powering Cranfield’s hydrogen electric aircraft. The Fresson project is the 1st application showcasing our high redundancy 2×3 phase direct drive electric motor, providing industry leading torque & efficiency to the aircraft.

We’re delighted to be involved with cutting edge initiatives, and this project is testament to technology innovation and its role in reshaping the aviation industry.”

Find out more about CAeS’ Hydrogen Solution here.

About Evolito


Evolito is making all-electric flight a commercial reality with world-leading direct-drive electric propulsion solutions. Spun out of YASA in 2021, Evolito leverages technology proven by OEMs in the EV industry. Evolito’s unique axial-flux electric motors, power electronics and battery solutions combined offer the highest power and torque densities in class – mission critical for eVTOL, Urban Air Mobility and fixed-wing applications – and is inherently more robust than competing technologies. The privately-held company is based in Oxford. Evolito’s investors include B-Flexion and Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE).