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Shadow Minister for Business and Industry visits Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

Shadow Minister visits Cranfield

Shadow Minister for Business and Industry visits Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Business and Industry Bill Esterson MP visited Cranfield Aerospace Solutions in Cranfield today and met with senior executives who gave the shadow minister a tour of the facility to see first-hand the market leading aerospace technologies and services that they are working on.

Established over thirty years ago, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions continues to be at the forefront of developing cutting edge technology and is currently working to develop the world’s first zero emissions, regulatory certified, commercially viable, Hydrogen aircraft.

Headquartered at Cranfield Airport, Bedfordshire, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions employs over 100 people at its UK facility and is supported by five key strategic investors. Recognising the challenging issues facing the aerospace industry today, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions core focus is on Project Fresson, the unlocking of commercial hydrogen-electric propulsion flight.

Mr Esterson said: “ It was great to meet with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and members of the senior team in Cranfield today who gave me a tour of the facility. Its British businesses like Cranfield Aerospace Solutions that are leading the way in developing new specialist technology that will play a central role in achieving net zero emissions across the global aviation industry.

This success story shows British business at its best.  Labour wants businesses growing in all parts of the country, that’s why Labour will establish an Industrial Strategy Council to offer that long term certainty that business needs. Labour will get our economy growing again working in partnership with businesses like Cranfield Aerospace Solutions”. 

Paul Hutton, Chief Executive, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, said:” It was great being able to show Labour’s shadow minister for Business and Industry, Bill Esterson MP around our facility in Cranfield and what we are currently working on.

We welcome the Labour Party’s commitment to establishing an Industrial Strategy Council which will support a strategic and long – term vision for business, enabling prosperity and growth across the UK.

We also welcome the fact that the Labour Party recognises and understands the role of the private sector and the need for partnership working to achieve those long-term goals”.